The soccer complex provides much needed field space for Edmonton’s youth soccer players. Soccer is a highly affordable sport that is gaining in popularity. The city’s rapidly expanding population, fewer fields being developed in new communities, and older communities loosing their fields to redevelopment projects means the need for space that can sustain this popular pastime is growing.

Supporting the development of the soccer complex fields will help:

  • Alleviate the wear and tear on existing Edmonton fields
  • Ensure that registrations do not have to be capped
  • Prevent game cancellations due to scheduling and spacing conflicts
  • Increase the enrolment limit for soccer leagues across Edmonton
  • Attract more National and International professional games and media coverage
  • Make use of land previously used as a dry landfill
  • Highlight the importance of sports, health, fitness and community

As registrations continue to increase, so do the number of games – approximately 150 more games per week within EMSA alone. With 25,000 registered youth soccer players in the EMSA zones playing 1,400 games every week, recreational fields are in high demand. That doesn’t even take into consideration the 12,000 adult soccer participants, 2,000 kids who play in the Edmonton Interdistrict Youth Soccer Association, or the kids in Sherwood Park, St. Albert, and Stony Plain.