Contribution: $15,000


As a Level 4 Sponsor, your organization will benefit from the following:

  • Name and logo recognition on the entrance sign feature
  • Name recognition on way-finding signage and parking lot signage
  • Recognition on the EMSA website (estimated more than 300,000 yearly sessions, close to 85,000 users, and more than 1.2 million pageviews) on the home and sponsor pages and on the community sites:
    • EMSA Mill Woods (estimated more than 33,500 yearly sessions, close to 16,000 users, and more than 117,000 pageviews)
    • EMSA South East (estimated more than 10,500 yearly sessions, close to 6,500 users, and more than 31,000 pageviews)
    • EMSA South West (estimated more than 37,000 yearly sessions, close to 19,000 users, and more than 117,000 pageviews)
    • EMSA North (estimated more than 38,000 yearly sessions, close to 19,000 users, and more than 134,000 pageviews)
    • EMSA Spruce Grove (estimated more than 24,000 yearly sessions, close to 11,000 users, and more than 78,000 pageviews)
    • EMSA West (estimated more than 39,000 yearly sessions, close to 20,000 users, and more than 111,000 pageviews)
  • Opportunity to place a banner ad that will run on all the EMSA websites (as described above) for the duration of the sponsorship. The banner ad can be changed 2x per year
  • Name and logo recognition on fence signage inside the soccer complex
  • Promotion via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (Exposure to over 2,500 followers). Name mention and tagging in a minimum of 4 posts per year
  • Logo inclusion in the footer of 6 monthly newsletter sent to parents, coaches and volunteers (estimated distribution of approximately 22,500/issue)

For more information or to become a Level 4 sponsor please contact Dragos Niculescu, General Manager, at or call 780.916.7977